Unpacking After a Big Move

Presented by Parsifal Corporation

With a range of commercial and governmental clients, Parsifal Corporation specializes in relocation technologies and services, including auditing relocation, consulting, and managing third-party carrier operations. Parsifal Corporation has 30 years of experience in the relocation industry and has streamlined relocation efforts for many companies and agencies during that time. The company offers a few tips below for unpacking after relocation.

Unpacking after a big move can be a daunting process, including days of work organizing, breaking down boxes, and finding places for your possessions throughout your new home. A smooth unpacking effort begins early in the packing and relocation effort. If possible, obtain a plan of your new home before you move and consider where to place your furniture and which items should end up in which rooms. While you pack, be sure to label each box with the room in the new house where it should be put. Try to keep the contents of each box confined to one room to streamline unpacking.

Consider which items you need first in your new home. Immediately necessary items often include bed linens, towels, dishes, and silverware because when you arrive, you may wish to eat a meal and head to bed. Designate a few boxes to hold these items and mark them clearly.

Have the movers place each box in the room you have assigned it by labeling it, and remember when you arrive that you do not need to unpack everything right away. Begin with the essentials; many people choose to start with the kitchen and bathrooms, saving living room or bedroom items for later. Unpack a few boxes at a time, collapsing the boxes and recycling or storing them to minimize mess.


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