The Difference at Parsifal Corporation

What Differentiates Parsifal from any other choice for your relocation auditing and technology? Mark Olsen, President and CEO identifies several key factors that set Parsifal Corporation in a unique position such as:

• Originators in relocation auditing
• Proprietary solutions imbedded in auditing process and procurement technologies
• Our transparency to both client and carrier
• Progressive software innovations for the modern relocation industry
• Our ongoing drive to keep positive relations between all parties
• Our objective position with an unbiased opinion

As a foundation, Parsifal Corporation has been providing premium domestic and international relocation services for over 30 years to our corporate clients. In 1981 Parsifal pioneered its Core Competency with the specialized relocation audit of household goods and to date, our audits have touched millions of HHG moves, explains Mark Olsen. Parsifal Relocation Auditing includes:

• Household Goods
• Home Sale Transactions
• Service Quality Surveys
• Consulting, Billing, Benchmarking
• Policy Exception Management
• Reporting