News Release: Impressive Tenure Along with High Growth

qeupstlcPalm Bay, FL, (August 2, 2016) – Parsifal Corporation, is pleased to congratulate three long time employees as they reach notable anniversary milestones in 2016. Mark Olsen, President and CEO, stated that, “Parsifal Corporation has experienced a large business growth curve and corresponding employee expansion since early last year, with a 25% increase in support staffing.” In the midst of this growth, Parsifal is also proud to claim ongoing strong staff retention rates with its employee team as a whole.

Barbara Benoit celebrates a 25 year anniversary beginning employment with Parsifal as a “part-time temporary” but simply never left the company.  She was fully trained as a domestic auditor in the 1990’s.  Based on her understanding and disposition, Barb became Training and QA Manager in 1995.

Jackie Suarez, started with us 20 years ago, working as an operations clerk and progressively moving up to the title of Operations Manager for the company, overseeing all three of Parsifal’s audit offices.  Jackie has her “hands on” every company client account (Parsifal is serving over 500 entities worldwide.) Dayle Gervais, also began working at Parsifal 20 years ago as a domestic auditor.  Based on her rapid learning skills, Dayle has performed audits on a majority of clients (including GSA) over the years, and assists in training classes.

Mark Olsen continued to explain that Parsifal applauds and greatly appreciates all three associates for their dedication and many years of hard work, flexibility and tenacity to become exemplary employees and major contributors to the ongoing success at Parsifal Corporation.