Expert HST™ Audit – Home Sale Transaction Audit at Parsifal Corporation



Palm Bay, FL, – In addition to its comprehensive global relocation services and procurement technologies, Parsifal Corporation has rebranded and refreshed its specialized service program for auditing the home sale transaction which Parsifal has named as the HST™ Audit.

The HST™ audit program breaks down each category of the complex and costly home sale transaction into individual charges to confirm and justify that they are traceable, contractual and reasonable. All transactions are then analyzed together to ensure a consistent approach and discover any practices that generate ongoing unnecessary cost exposures. Mark Olsen, President and CEO at Parsifal explains that, “Accuracy and confidence includes confirmed validity of all charges, ensures contract compliance, coordination and processing of error refunds with detailed yet independent and objective support. Parsifal remains dedicated to bring expert solutions for continued process improvement to the relocation industry worldwide.” HST™ audit service features include: Traceability; Contract Adherence; Reasonability; and Trend Analysis.