About Parsifal Corporation

A 30-year-old global relocation technology company that plays an integral part in moves in 120 countries and 6 continents, Parsifal Corporation provides a host of first-class solutions to commercial and government clients. Many of these entities relocate products in a wide range of industries, including high-tech, retail, finance, energy, insurance, product manufacturing, and entertainment.

Parsifal Corporation’s Web-based programs and consulting services help its clients with an array of data collecting services, including auditing, billing, tracking, carrier commission calculations, and tax breakdowns. By taking relocation systems to a new level of sophistication, Parsifal Corporation attracts customers such as Fortune 500 companies and move-management entities, as well as large and small carriers that require accessibility, flexibility, and reliability.

President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Olsen oversees all aspects of the daily operations at Parsifal Corporation, and he remains dedicated to ensuring that the company provides quality services at reasonable rates. Utilizing many of the industry’s leading tools to satisfy its clients worldwide, Parsifal implements Acadia Move Management System and the MoveMetric platform. This pair of Web-based systems offered by Parsifal Corporation allows its clients to collect rates, record transit times, and document carrier service histories by taking advantage of the most advanced techniques for acquiring household goods services at optimum pricing.

To guarantee that its corporate clients obtain precise bills from carriers of household goods, Parsifal Corporation devised a pilot program to amalgamate its services into its billing procedures prior to the carrier and/or agent generating an invoice. By using this system, auditing time is reduced, thereby fostering customer confidence and strengthening the customer-vendor relationship. As a third-party consultant, Parsifal Corporation plays a vital role in contract negotiations, assisting its customers in determining carrier costs and services while staying abreast of current trends and fluctuations within this rapidly changing industry.

As a value-added service company, Parsifal Corporation provides complementary consulting services to every customer, backed by three decades of expertise and experience. By entering into a valuable partnership with Peredur Systems, Parsifal accesses the capabilities contained in this leading software company’s system. For more information on Parsifal Corporation’s services, capabilities, and industry news, visit its website at www.parsifalcorp.com.


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