Expert HST™ Audit – Home Sale Transaction Audit at Parsifal Corporation



Palm Bay, FL, – In addition to its comprehensive global relocation services and procurement technologies, Parsifal Corporation has rebranded and refreshed its specialized service program for auditing the home sale transaction which Parsifal has named as the HST™ Audit.

The HST™ audit program breaks down each category of the complex and costly home sale transaction into individual charges to confirm and justify that they are traceable, contractual and reasonable. All transactions are then analyzed together to ensure a consistent approach and discover any practices that generate ongoing unnecessary cost exposures. Mark Olsen, President and CEO at Parsifal explains that, “Accuracy and confidence includes confirmed validity of all charges, ensures contract compliance, coordination and processing of error refunds with detailed yet independent and objective support. Parsifal remains dedicated to bring expert solutions for continued process improvement to the relocation industry worldwide.” HST™ audit service features include: Traceability; Contract Adherence; Reasonability; and Trend Analysis.


Relocation Procurement Technology and MoveMetric®

Parsifal CorporationRelocation Procurement Technology: Parsifal Corporation provides a sophisticated system known as MoveMetric® which offers an advanced, online, relocation procurement technology powered by informed decision-making for the corporation and/or relocation management company. Mark Olsen, Parsifal President & CEO further explained that this relocation procurement technology (RPT) offers two distinct services known as Domestic, MMD™ and International, MMI™.

MoveMetric® is a US domestic household goods technology that uses a simplified pricing schedule and allows the RMC or corporate client to post upcoming shipments in this web-based system. This technology collects, stores, and analyzes each mover’s pricing information, transit times and service quality through an interactive web-based system.

Access is available 24/7, allowing comparison of competitive bidding and alternative transport modes as needed. Mark Olsen states that, “the client is then able to make a sophisticated booking decision based on price, transit time and service quality history.”

Additionally, the service providers have the ability to invoice for their services through MoveMetric® which immediately uploads the bill into a queue for audit. MyReloWorks® provides a web page for the transferee where they can access the electronic record of their bill before and after it goes to audit. In all cases, the bill undergoes a high quality and proprietary audit process via PAS™, or the Parsifal Audit System.

Parsifal Exhibited at SHRM DC 2016


Palm Bay, FL, – Parsifal Corporation, the leading industry Household Goods procurement and audit firm, exhibited at the SHRM DC 2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C., on June 19th through the 21st. Mark Olsen, President and CEO of Parsifal stated that, “we will be presenting a full range of new and existing relocation support services and procurement technologies.” However, the major focus was on its newest technology known as MRW™ or MyReloWorks®, and the most current updated features called ReloVideoTour and PriceGuard™.

Mark Olsen continued to explain that “this unique, online solution directly provides bids to transferees automatically from pre-qualified and reputable corporate movers registered in the system.” As the global leader in relocation auditing, Parsifal applies a long history of industry know-how and state-of-the-art technology to all of its services including relocation procurement, billing support, service evaluations and consulting.  Parsifal solutions offer Bidding, Booking, Billing and Auditing features and support with procurement sophistication never before successfully utilized in the Household Goods industry. In this way, Parsifal continues in our history of over 35 years, providing for exceptional ‘accuracy, protection and fairness’ for our clients and all parties involved.

Parsifal Corporation Exhibits Technology at the Gulf Coast Symposium in Houston

hrhoustonParsifal Corporation exhibited its services and technology at the Gulf Coast Symposium (GCS2016) in Houston this past May at the NRG Center, Booth 530. The exhibition hours were from 1:00 to 6:00 PM on Thursday, 5/12 and 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, 5/13.

Mark Olsen, President and CEO of Parsifal Corporation explained that the presentation will include its full array of auditing services and procurement software technologies for the relocation industry. MyReloWorks® will be in the forefront as the most current and unique technology available, including the new updated features of ReloVideo™Tour and PriceGuard™. This online solution directly provides bids to transferees automatically from pre-qualified and reputable corporate movers registered in the system.

Company-approved relocation funds, such as Self-Directed Allowances, are credited to their account, from which they can book and manage their best options for relocation services. When the move is complete, each bill is reviewed by an audit team via PAS™, or the Parsifal Audit System to ensure pricing accuracy for the services rendered.