Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium to Explore Future of Industry


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Worldwide Employee Relocation Council

Parsifal Corporation operates under the leadership of Mark Olsen and provides relocation services and procurement technology to a wide selection of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and move management firms. Based in Palm Bay, Florida, Parsifal Corporation also maintains membership with the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC). The ERC promotes global mobility leadership through its upcoming Global Workforce Symposium.

Dramatic shifts in globalization and talent mobility are changing the scene for increasingly global workforces. Professionals are under an increasing obligation to adapt their practices and freshen their skillsets. The Global Workforce Symposium brings together the workforce mobility and human resource (HR) communities to explore emerging issues in the industry and exchange information on the dynamic characteristics of globalization. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from global authorities, collaborate on solutions, and learn about new opportunities. Furthermore, sessions and seminars will review global information and facilitate networking across a vibrant marketplace.

Registration rates vary according to ERC membership, although qualifying first-time corporate HR professionals may attend at no cost. Attendees may also select from a number of optional programming and training events, such as the Global Mobility Specialist Module 3.

The Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium will take place on September 27 through September 29, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Illinois.


Packing Tips to Make Moving Easier

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As CEO of Parsifal Corporation, Mark Olsen has led the three-decades-old company in executing complex corporate and individual relocations across North America. With a nationwide network of offices, Parsifal Corporation’s Mark Olsen leverages the company’s experience and innovative practices to make moving easier and hassle-free for clients.

Here are a few tips for successful packing before you move:

1) Plan early 
Unless you don’t have much personal property, you’ll have to plan early. Sift through all your belongings and make a list of everything you don’t plan on taking with you. Give these things to charity or hold a garage sale. Clean your laundry so you won’t be carrying any damp clothes. Check your insurance to see if it covers any moving-related breakages.

2) Get boxes
You’ll need boxes, lots of them. Get them in various sizes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger, so use these for heavier items. Remember not to fill up large boxes with too many heavy things as they may be difficult to carry. Get some newspapers to wrap fragile items in before packing, bubble wrap to layer the inside of boxes, and strong tape to close the boxes after packing. Self-sealing freezer bags are great for storing nuts and bolts, nails, and similar things.

3) Make a list
Start with a high-priority list of everything your family will need on the first day at your new home. It’s unlikely you will unpack everything immediately upon arriving. The priority list should include everyday items such as a first-aid kit, coffee, tea, cups, plates, snacks, tissue, toothbrushes, soap, and kitchen utensils. Afterward, convert your notebook into record keeping system. Assign a number to every box and list the contents of that box in a corresponding numbered page on your notebook. Be as descriptive as possible when describing the contents, to make quick and easy retrieval possible. And remember to pack hazardous materials like bleach, paint, and aerosols in their own box and mark the box clearly.

HST Audit – Home Sale Transaction Audit by Parsifal Corporation

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Parsifal Corporation

The highest cost in relocation is the Home Sale process. While the invoice may be organized into simple and easy to read categories, it is typically the most complex and detailed part of a move.
Mark Olsen, President and CEO at Parsifal Corporation explains that the HST audit program at Parsifal breaks down each category into individual charges to confirm and justify that they are traceable, contractual and reasonable.
All transactions are then analyzed together to ensure a consistent approach and discover any methods that create ongoing unnecessary cost exposures. HST Audit services include:

Billing Review & Investigation
• Find the source of all charges and fees
• Identify hidden fees
• Verify client authorization
• Validate Two-Deed charges and specific state requirements

Analysis & Consulting
• Trending and other data analyzed for recommended cost savings and solutions

Contract Review Process
• Analysis contract compliance
• Determine if proper process was utilized for appraised value
• Verify proration calculations of insurance, mortgage interest, utilities, taxes, etc.
• Review of equity funding and interest charges

Mark Olsen states that the Parsifal HST Audit service is enhanced with many detailed features including Traceability of Charges, Contract Adherence, Reasonability of Charges, and Trend Analysis.

Parsifal Corporation to be Featured on WorldWide Business with Kathy Ireland®

Parsifal Corporation to be Featured on WorldWide Business with Kathy Ireland®
Parsifal Corporation to be Featured on WorldWide Business with Kathy Ireland®

Parsifal Corporation will be featured in a business interview in the near future on WWB television program that is planned for a November broadcast. WorldWide Business with Kathy Ireland® is an award winning business program that is available on FOX Business News and Bloomberg Television. Cliff Cannon, CMO explains that “this program offers us an exceptional opportunity to share globally how Parsifal has made substantial impact on quality and accuracy in the US domestic and international relocation industry.” Both Mark Olsen, President and CEO at Parsifal, as well as Cliff Cannon have previously joined Kathy Ireland for the full interview process at the WWBTV studios in Burbank last month.

In response to a question by Ms. Ireland inquiring about how Parsifal has saved global clients tens of millions of dollars each year, Mark Olsen explained that, “In this very complicated industry, there are really two sources that create this savings. Specialized relocation procurement technology and our unique relocation audit process together provide unmatched competitive purchasing and an audit to ensure that the contracted rates and rules were billed accurately.” At the Global Workforce Symposium, Parsifal will continue to provide more details of their expert audit process for the HHG billing area, expansion of services like the enhanced HST™ or Home Sale Transaction Audit, as well as its newest technology known as MyReloWorks® or MRW™.