MyReloWorks® – A long-awaited relocation solution for employees

After several years of development, Parsifal Corporation has launched its newest technology known as MyReloWorks®. The system provides a long-awaited solution for corporations, employees and relocation management companies with a sophisticated, yet simple and user-friendly process.

With MRW™, client companies can now offer a powerful, online tool for their relocating employees. It is ideally suited for the online, do-it-yourself generation that prefers getting the job done through innovative solutions versus time consuming, customer service involvement. It is as easy to use as a travel search engine where you find the most convenient option at the best price, and then book it.

Relocation allowances (lump sums) and/or corporate benefit policies can be added to the tranferee’s account, never before available in the industry for this type of technology. Many additional features are included and when the move is completed, the system automatically includes additional cost protection for the user via a billing audit as well.


MyReloWorks helps employees book relocations online

Mark Olsen, President and CEO of Parsifal Corporation, continues to encourage the product development of cutting-edge innovations through new relocation procurement technologies. MyReloWorks®, explains Mark Olsen, “is our newest technology which empowers your employees to book their relocations online, and receive instant and real-time bids, all with fair pricing and audit protection as well!”

The transferee receives bids directly and automatically from pre-qualified and reputable corporate movers registered in the MyReloWorksTM system. Company-approved relocation allowances, such as lump sums, are credited to their account, from which they can book and manage their best options for relocation services.

Parsifal’s client base includes RMCs (relocation management companies), corporate clients, government agencies and moving companies. Mark Olsen continues to emphasize and develop a strong team dedicated to their passion and craft, focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy and sound fairness through quality-driven and innovative technology to all clients, partners and stakeholders in the global relocation experience.